Information about early education

How to apply for early education:

  • You must apply for an early education place 4 months before your preferred start date.
  • If the need for a place is due to suddenly finding employment or suddenly getting a study place, apply as soon as possible; however, at least two weeks before the care is needed to start.
  • If your child already has a place and you want to apply for a place at a different location, you must submit a transfer application for your child. A transfer application has no set processing time – transfers are usually handled at the beginning of the operating year (beginning of August).

Finnish application (Wilma)

English application (printable)

Providing information about income:

If you want your early education fee to be determined based on your income, when you apply for municipal day care services, you must provide your income information no later than at the beginning of the month after your child starts in early education. If you apply for a service voucher for private early education, the income information is needed before a service voucher can be granted.

The family’s taxable gross income is considered as income.

If income information is not provided, the maximum early education fee will be charged.

Necessary proof of income:

  • employees: the latest pay slip
  • persons starting a new job: if the pay slip cannot be obtained yet, the employment contract, and later a pay slip
  • entrepreneurs: a confirmed tax certificate
  • new entrepreneurs: an accountant’s estimate of monthly income or personal estimate of monthly income.
  • students: a certificate of student status or notice of receiving a study place
  • persons studying on labour market support: a notice of receiving labour market support
  • unemployed people: a notice of receiving unemployment allowance
  • unemployed people in a qualifying period: a notice of the qualifying period and later a notice of receiving unemployment allowance
  • persons receiving child home care allowance: it is enough to inform, for example by e-mail, that you are receiving child home care allowance.
  • maintenance allowance received: the maintenance agreement or payment notice for the child(ren) coming to early education; if there is no maintenance allowance, specify why; also mention any maintenance allowance you pay – it will be considered as a deduction
  • maternity allowance: the maternity allowance decision or notice of the payment thereof and the date until which the employer will pay your salary
  • income from interest, dividends or rents: a tax certificate or another receipt

Other necessary information:

  • family size (married couple or common-law partners living in a shared household and their minor children living in the same household)
  • children’s names and personal ID codes
  • care location if known, start date if known
  • the family’s address and telephone numbers of the parents/guardians
  • e-mail addresses of the parents/guardians

Please send the income information to the following address: Lohjan kaupunki, Varhaiskasvatus, PL 71, 08101 LOHJA


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