Coronavirus Info (english)

Information, instructions and materials on coronavirus and preparing for the disease as well as the latest national updates can be found on THL website.

At the moment the city of Lohja releases information only in Finnish and Swedish. If you need information concerning the corona situation or restrictions in Lohja, you can contact Coronainfo at

Information on Koronavilkku and how to download it

What to do if you think you might have coronavirus

It is important for all suspected coronavirus cases to be tested in a laboratory. If you suspect that you have coronavirus, carry out a symptom assessment using the Corona-bot. You can also book an appointment at a health centre.

Using the Coronabot you can

  • complete a symptom assessment survey that provides information about the symptoms of coronavirus infection and being exposed to the virus.
  • book an appointment for coronavirus sampling for yourself or for your child (age under 16) if you live in Uusimaa.