Lohja’s rentable carsharing car

Move around in Lohja easily by renting a carsharing car!


The cars are connected to the OP Kulku mobile app, which you can use to make your booking. The app is also used to open and lock the car doors. Please note that an Android or iOS phone is required to use the app. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store under the name “OP Kulku”.

  1. Download the OP Kulku app and register. Enter your payment information.
  2. Enter all of the codes below to view all the carsharing cars available in Lohja. (You only have to enter the codes once): Lohja1, Lohja2, Lohja3
  3. Once your booking begins, you can pick up your car from its home place. You can open and lock the car doors using the mobile app. Remember to take the charging cable with you!
  4. Once your booking ends, return the car to its place. Remember to always connect the car to the charging station!